Women Who Make History Seldom Behave

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Sometimes you have to be "bad" to break the barriers!

As many of us know, women have oftentimes been relegated to positions of the caretaker, the homemaker, or the quiet presence behind the “man in charge”. Many women that fell outside of these paradigms have been ostracized by society and demonized in the same way. For a woman to be bold, to be boss, to be confident, or to be outspoken has always enraged the large majority of society.

On the other hand, throughout history, there have been women who have bucked the system. These women have defied stereotypes of what a woman is supposed to be. We want to shed light on the fact that the women that we celebrate in history are oftentimes not the women who stuck to these strict roles of what womanhood is supposed to be. Instead, the women that we celebrate oftentimes CHANGED THE GAME in some form. These women grabbed life by the reins and decided to set their own path---damn the consequences and damn the hate!

Some of the ladies that have inspired us are Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, and Rihanna.

Cleopatra reigned as Egypt’s Queen in the time before Christ---and is still known as one of the most powerful forces in history today. Cleopatra is so influential because she changed the course of history when she made Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, and Mark Anthony, a highly powerful Roman general, fall in love with her. Her influence over these men led to the ruin of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra’s great tenacity and relentlessness is still unparalleled to this day. Cleopatra was not known for her amazing beauty; instead, she was known for her grandiose nature, her intelligence, and her ability to recognize the wants and needs of others. If you think about the times that she lived in, even as Queen, Cleopatra was still at the mercy of powerful men. Cleopatra knew that in order to achieve her goals, she would need the rule of a man to get the agenda across. She used her womanly wiles to make these men fall to their knees in honor of her. She dressed in a sexy and alluring nature, she was bold enough to say what she wanted, she made love when and how she wanted to. Basically, she did everything that other women during this time wouldn’t do---either because they afraid to do so or didn’t think they had the power to do so. As you can imagine, she was not popular with the ladies, but she was the dream of men. She was able successfully influence the politics of these two powerful men through her intelligence and cunning. Although her lifetime ended too abruptly and in the most unfathomable way--suicide for love--there is still much to learn from Cleopatra. From her, I learned the value in boldness. I think it takes a confident woman to plot and go after what she wants without care for how others may feel about it. It also takes an agile woman to be able to understand the domino effects of her actions and how her power can influence others. Don’t be afraid to use that womanly power ladies!

Coco Chanel is known for her revolutionary perfume, Chanel #5. Growing up, she loved to explore different herbs and the effects of how different herbs smelled together. She associated her sense of smell with feeling confident and good about herself. She always believed that a woman who smelled nice could conquer the world. Chanel is, perhaps, less known for her independent spirit. She believed that women should have their own---their own money, their own agency over their careers, and their own autonomy. As such, she never set out to depend on a man for anything. In her time, it was very rare for a woman to own her company or have agency over her own life. But yet, she still managed to defy the odds by going after what she knew was her destiny. Today, Chanel’s brand is still one of the most well-renowned empires in the world. My favorite quote of hers is “the most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Never underestimate or hide your uniqueness. Never give up on the relentless pursuit of your dreams! And most importantly, never allow anyone to tell you who you are!

Another person that we’re inspired by is the amazing and talented Rihanna, who's BADGAL attitude and persona have always captivated the masses. There's something very admirable about a person who doesn't care about what others think. She continues to make gains in her career and love life today by being unapologetically RiRi.

Celebrating these women does not mean that we don’t see the beauty and the respect in being the great mother, the caretaker, or being ultra feminine. In fact, we think that those qualities in a woman are beautiful and powerful as well. We love any woman standing in her light and in her own definition of womanhood! The point is to understand that your womanhood is what you define it to be! You don’t have to abide by certain ideals because everyone expects you to do so. This life is yours, and yours only. Don’t behave. Don’t fit in. Don’t compromise. Do it your way!

If you’re really a boss hiding behind that meek personality you show everyday, let the bitch out! Put your heels on the haters’ necks while you reign supreme! If you’re an ultra feminine fem fatale, push the bustier up higher while other ladies who don’t have the confidence to do so seethe in jealousy! If you’re a super smart bookworm, don’t bottle in your intelligence to make others feel more comfortable. Talk about what you know girl. Be the ultimate Millennial Girl...fearless and uncompromising!

It’s time to stop behaving and start taking over! Tell us how you plan to stop behaving below.

Love you ladies,


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