What's Holding You Back?

Let's get it!

chase your dreams
It's time to get on track to attain your dream life.

You’ve been thinking of taking that class! You have this great business idea! You want to lose 15 pounds! You want to be more financially stable! You’ve been crushing on this one guy for quite awhile! You’re tired of that dead-end job!

See, we all have these moments where we know we’re not truly aligning our actions with what we want in this life. I know I’ve been doing this for quite sometime. For the last 2 years now, I’ve been talking getting these extra pounds that I gained up off me. I’ll have a couple of weeks where I’m doing pretty well and keeping on track. You know...eating right, going to the gym and such, but then old habits will creep back in. I’ll say, “oh having this bread isn’t so bad, or "I’ll just go to the gym later.” And then...I never make it to the damn gym. I don’t stick to my word and I don’t hold myself accountable. The pounds will rack up again. And then, I’ll complain that I’m not making progress. I’m sure some of you ladies reading this are like, “well of course there’s no progress...you aren’t being serious or putting in the work!” And that is absolutely true! I can’t expect to make any progress without any real work put in. And that’s for any and everything that we want to accomplish in this life...with no serious execution, there will never be any progress. Fortunately, lately I’ve been way more serious with myself. For me, the time for excuses and blaming is over! I understand that if I don’t do it now, I’ll never get it done.

For you ladies though, the question is...what’s holding you back? What’s holding you back from getting the dream life that you so desperately want? From the things that you’ve been wanting to do? Is it an actual barrier obstructing you or are you self-sabotaging yourself from achieving these goals?

I can say with full confidence that the real truth is nothing is holding you back. If you never try, you’ll never know if you can attain your greatest capabilities. And there’s no such thing as failure anyway. Either you win or you learn. So go after that man you want girl! Plan effectively so that you can one day quit that job you hate! Get on that Kanye West workout plan to lose those extra 15 pounds! Just do it! And stop deflecting to outside parameters as reasons to support why you've been holding back on making progress. For any excuse that you come up with, I guarantee that I can point to someone who blasted past that same obstacle.

Remember, don’t chase perfection, chase progress!

Quote of the day:

‘Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”

Love you ladies,


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