The Truth About College Internships

Are internships a college gimmick, or a worthwhile experience!?

If you have stepped foot anywhere near a college campus, you know this topic of internships never ends. From day one, you are advised to secure at least one internship prior to graduating. Having a diploma just isn’t enough these days. When I was in college I could never quite understand why having an internship was so important. I figured, all i needed were good grades, interview skills, and a rock solid resume!

Well ladies, I am here to confirm the rumors. Having an internship in college is CRUCIAL! These days, companies want to hire college graduates with real world experience. The truth is, the only way to get this type of experience, is by actually having an internship! The good news is, there are many other benefits to having an internship besides using it to fill up that resume.

Initially, my hesitation to find an internship was largely due to not knowing what I wanted to do for a living. I figured, until I knew exactly what career path I wanted to take, there was no reason for having an internship. Little did I know, that was the whole point of having an internship. They are designed to teach and give insight into a particular industry or company. Just think, you have the unique opportunity to try out a particular career path prior to graduating.

This real world experience is also helpful for you ladies out there who are struggling to find/choose a major. You can use your internship experience as a measuring tool to see whether certain career paths are right for you!

Another benefit to having an internship, is the opportunity to learn new skills. You may be wondering, “what if I do not enjoy my internship?” Truth be told, I cannot guarantee that every internship experience will be glamorous or enjoyable. What's important is what we take away from that experience. At the end of your program, you should be one step closer to making a decision about your potential future career path!

The key is to look at internship opportunities as a benefit for YOU. You have the ability to test drive your future! You’ll learn what it is like to work in the real world…trust me ladies, student life just doesn’t compare!

Along the way you’ll make plenty of connections. Connections that will prove valuable post graduation, during your job hunt. Almost all companies out there are offering some form of an internship, so don’t let the opportunities pass you by! I participated in my first internship program my Sophomore year. Although it was short (during winter break), I was able to learn so much about what I did and did NOT want out of my future career. I got a taste of how much company culture has an impact on my eagerness to work, how to interact with officemates, and what a typical day would be like in that particular field. When I returned to school for my spring semester, let’s just say I knew exactly which major I was going to choose!

Securing an internship during college is no gimmick! So it’s time to level up ladies.

Happy hunting ladies!

- Brae

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