How To Plan Out Your Week

Don't let your week get away from you! Plan ahead and get ahead!

Hi Ladies! I know we’ve all had plenty of weeks where goals just seemed to really get away from us---friends hit you up randomly to hang out, that guy you’ve been thinking about calls you to talk, your favorite show comes and you want to have a full discussion about it with your friends, work gets in the way, etc. It happens to all of us! Situations always pop up that take us away from what we’ve set out to do for ourselves.

The best way to overcome these situations is by having the proper plan.

Write out ALL your goals for the week before the week starts. Many of us start out having these lofty goals! We get super excited about what can be done, but we don’t commit to these goals because we forget to set clear, concise plans. There is real power in writing goals down. If you don’t write out what you want to get done, then it’s easier to forget your goals or be unaccountable for those goals. So, start off by thinking of everything that you want to get done in the upcoming week. It’s important to make sure that your goals aren’t too can only get so much done in one week. Be reasonable with your goals ladies! Write these goals down in bullet style in a planner or personal journal so that you have a full view of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. If there are too many bullets, you may want to hold some tasks off until the next week. The major tip here is just that you're able to see in clear view what you're trying to do.

Laterally schedule your week. The next step is to bucket your goals so that your weekly goals are effectively planned out each day. Make sure you aren’t scheduling too many goals on any one day. Many things that we couldn't have predicted pop up during the week, it’s just one of the spontaneities of life. In order to safeguard against random obstacles and overloading yourself, it’s best to make sure your goals are reasonable for any given day. You don’t want to overwork yourself and then lose confidence because you weren’t able to accomplish it all that one day. For instance, if you want to accomplish 10 things in a week, try to plan it out where you’re knocking 1 or 2 things off your list per day. You’ll be much more energized to actually get it all done by the end of the week!

Treat these goals like an extension of work or school. Make them scheduled parts of your day. A lot of us go hard at work or school! We put in extra hours, take on more responsibilities, or take up more trainings in order to become more skilled. However, when it comes to our personal lives, we let things that we would like to do for ourselves fall by the wayside. In order to get ahead, we can no longer do this ladies! So, start scheduling your personal goals like it’s a part of your regular workday! If you want to lose those 10 pounds, then make a gym schedule like it’s a part of your workday. If you get off at 5pm, schedule the gym time from 5:30-6:30pm like it’s an extension of work. Make it so that you can’t miss the gym because that would be like not getting an important work assignment done. That’s just one example, but the overall message is the same. Make ALL goals non-negotiable like work or school would be. This will really help you get ahead on what’s best for you!

Use Google Calendar for alerts (or any other comparable calendar). Calendars have been a life saver! I set calendar alerts on my phone about 15 minutes before I am supposed to start any given task. If I’m in a juicy conversation on the phone, watching my favorite TV show, or simply scrolling Instagram for "TheShadeRoom" updates, it’s easy for me to get sidetracked and forget about what I need to be doing for myself. Google calendar alerts have brought me back to reality more times than I’d like to admit! I’d definitely recommend you ladies to start scheduling in tasks you want to complete on your calendars so that you have an extra reinforcement to keep you on track.

Get an accountability partner. Accountability partners go a long way ladies! If you have a friend, family member, or associate who you know will whip you into shape about your goals, definitely let them know what you’re trying to get done. Personally, I've had many times when I wasn’t sticking to my goals and falling behind on big plans. During these times, I've also had family and friends giving me the side eye about not sticking to my word. And because I can be stubborn, I always start off salty about the judgement...but eventually, I come to appreciate it because the judgements, side eyes, and comments always help me get back on track. Oftentimes, we don’t tell people our goals because we’re scared of letting people in, we’re not ready to be held accountable, or we’re not sure we can actually get it done. But we can! So tell people about your goals and let them help you get over the finish line!

Always schedule in time for the little things. Life is not a life fulfilled without personal time and enjoyment, so always have time to connect with friends and family. After a strong week of getting through your To-Do list, make sure to reward yourself. Read that book you want to read! Go out on the town with your girlfriends! Go see your Mother. Do anything that will bring you light, love, and happiness. It’ll make you that much more excited to get back to the grind the next week!

Quote of the day:

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.” - Oprah Winfrey

Love you ladies,


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