How to Conquer your Goals!

Tips and tricks for how to organize and ultimately CONQUER your goals... the Millennial Girl Way of course!

“New Year, New Me” is a common phrase we use at the start of every new year! It symbolizes a new outlook on life and the year to come. This statement instantly motivates us to do better… or at least want to do better. The truth is, you do not need a “new year” to upgrade your lifestyle… all you need is a good plan! So, the question you may be asking is “where do I begin?”. Have no fear Millennial Girls! We’ve hand picked our top 4 tips for how you can get started on your goals journey today!

Tip #1 - Think Big Picture

Before we can begin organizing and tracking our goals, we must first decide what goals we wish to accomplish. First we must write down every single goal that comes to mind. At this stage, do not worry about how big or small the goal is… just write it down. The trick is to think about everything you need & want to accomplish within this year (don’t worry about time, distance, and/or resource availability restrictions just yet).

We leave out the ‘hows and whens’ during this step to ensure we are including all of the goals we have, and not just goals we ‘think’ will be attainable. Once we have thought out all that we wish to accomplish for the year, we can move on to organizing our goals!

Tip #2 - Set SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals help organize your goals, making them clear and easier to accomplish! For those who are new to the SMART goal acronym, here is what it stands for:

S - Specific, Significant

M - Measurable, Meaningful

A - Attainable

R - Realistic, Relevant, Results-based

T - Timely, Time bound

The great thing about this acronym is that you can add goal structure requirements as you see fit. For example, for ‘M’, in addition to making your goals Measurable and Meaningful, you can also require your goals to be Motivating. Once your list of goals is complete, you’ll want to answer basic questions about your goals to ensure they are SMART! Download our SMART Goals tracker for more help with turning your goals from simple to SMART!

Tip #3 - Create an Action Plan

Goals without clear action plans hold little to no value! This is where the “how & whens” come into play. During this phase, we will rank our goals based on priority, set deadlines, and lay out the resources needed to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

At this point, you may want to break your goals into smaller “action items”. Your action items can be broken down into quarterly or even monthly. The goal here is to make your goal easier to track & ultimately accomplish!

Tip #4 - Tracking your Goals

Having a plan is simply the first step of your journey. Tracking your goals is crucial to the success of your overall plans. Checking in with yourself on a routine basis helps to keep you motivated and on task. Try some of our custom tracking methods below!

  • Find an accountability partner! Share your goals and action items with a close friend or family member. Check in with your partner routinely to discuss the progress you are making. Sometimes all we need are a few words of encouragement to help put us back on track!

  • Reflect regularly! Reflecting on your progress creates a special bond between you and your goals. Take a little ‘me’ time each week to journal the progress you have made. Reflection can be therapeutic and help alleviate any stress you may have encountered during your journey.

  • Make a vision board! Visualizing your goals provides a great deal of inspiration. Your board can bring you much needed clarity, while acting as a daily reminder of how important your goals are!

Always remember ladies - A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN & a plan backed by action becomes REALITY!

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